Mass spectrometers for doubly-labeled water

Instrument Details

Mass spectrometers for doubly-labeled water

DLW mass spectrometry

Physical activity assessment objective

Doubly labelled water

16th November 2021

Soren Brage, University of Cambridge

DLW is a method for measuring carbon dioxide production during free-living using stable isotopes (deuterium or Hydrogen-2 and Oxygen-18). It requires mass spectrometry instruments for measuring the enrichment of these isotopes in the collected biological samples (either saliva, urine, or blood). Oxygen-18 enrichment: AP2003, Analytical Precision Ltd, Northwich, Cheshire, UK; Deuterium enrichment: Isoprime, GV Instruments, Wythenshaw, Manchester, UK or Sercon ABCA-Hydra 20–22, Sercon Ltd, Crewe, UK.

Instrument Characteristics
raw  -> Not applicable
acquisition  -> Biological samples
retrospective prospective  -> Prospective
timeframe  -> Weeks
location  -> Not applicable
timeseries  -> No
raw aggregated  -> Aggregated
opensource proprietary  -> Open
raw sampling  -> Not applicable
resolution  -> Not applicable
Instrument Estimates
Total body water
Total physical activity energy expenditure
Instrument Implementations
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Adults United Kingdom