Polar Sports Tester

Instrument Details

Polar Sports Tester

Polar heart rate monitor

Physical activity assessment objective

Heart rate monitor

16th November 2021

Soren Brage, University of Cambridge

Polar heart rate monitor using a chest strap and radio transmission of heart rate data to wrist watch. Capable of minute-by-minute monitoring of heart rate for 4 days.

Instrument Characteristics
acquisition  -> Device
retrospective prospective  -> Prospective
timeframe  -> Days
location  -> Wrist
location  -> Chest
timeseries  -> Yes
raw aggregated  -> Aggregated
opensource proprietary  -> Proprietary
raw  -> < 5 ms
resolution  -> Minute
Instrument Estimates
Total physical activity energy expenditure
Sedentary behaviour
Behaviour pattern: Timing
Behaviour pattern: Bouts
Behaviour pattern: Variability
Instrument Implementations
Populations Countries Link
Adults United Kingdom pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov