Instrument Details



Physical activity assessment objective

Combined heart rate and motion sensor

16th November 2021

Soren Brage, University of Cambridge

Actiheart is a single-piece combined heart rate and uniaxial acceleration monitor that is worn on the chest using two standard ECG electrodes. It has three recording modes; 1) raw waveform mode, 2) inter-beat-interval logging mode, and 3) long-term recording mode of average heart rate and movement in epochs. Raw sampling rates are 128Hz for the ECG signal and 32 Hz for the acceleration signal. There are two official versions of the uniaxial monitor, the original Actiheart and Actiheart 4; these are largely identical in terms of weight (<10g) and physical dimensions. Actiheart 4 has four times higher memory capacity and can collect 15-sec epoch data for 11 days in long-term mode; its capacity is about 4 days when using inter-beat-interval logging (with 15-sec accelerometry data).

Instrument Characteristics
acquisition  -> Device
retrospective prospective  -> Prospective
timeframe  -> Weeks
location  -> Chest
timeseries  -> Yes
raw aggregated  -> Aggregated
opensource proprietary  -> Open
raw  -> < 5 ms
resolution  -> 15 s
Instrument Estimates
Total physical activity energy expenditure
Sedentary behaviour
Behaviour pattern: Timing
Behaviour pattern: Bouts
Behaviour pattern: Variability
Instrument Validities
Populations Countries Reference Link
Adults United Kingdom
Adults United Kingdom
Adults United Kingdom
Instrument Implementations
Populations Countries Link
Adults United Kingdom
Young children Finland