EPIC-Norfolk Food Frequency Questionnaire

Instrument Details

EPIC-Norfolk Food Frequency Questionnaire

EPIC Norfolk FFQ

Dietary assessment

Food frequency questionnaire

24th November 2021

Fumiaki Imamura, University of Cambridge MRC Epidemiology Unit

FFQ originally developed in 1988 (Bingham et al., Br J Nutr, 1994) and updated over years along with the development of links to food composition tables (CAFE and FETA) (Welch et al., J Hum Nutr Diet, 2005; Mulligan et al., BMJ Open, 2014)

Instrument Characteristics
aquisition  -> Self report - Interviewer administered or assisted
timeframe  -> Years
retrospective prospective  -> Retrospective (e.g. 24h recall or Food frequency questionnaire)
portion size  -> Semi quantitative – estimated
Instrument Estimates
Instrument Resources
Instrument Validities
Populations Countries Reference Link
Adults, Older adults United Kingdom www.cambridge.org
Instrument Implementations
Populations Countries Link
Adults United Kingdom www.thelancet.com