International Physical Activity Questionnaire

Instrument Details

International Physical Activity Questionnaire


Physical activity assessment


13th December 2021

Camille Mba, University of Cambridge

IPAQ was developed for surveillance purposes and to guide policy development related to health-enhancing physical activity across various life domains. There are two versions of the questionnaire. The short version collects physical behaviour information aggregated across domains and is designed for use in national and regional surveillance systems. The long version provides more detailed information by asking those same questions by domain; occupation, transport and leisure time. The long version may be more suited for evaluation purposes where for example one domain may be targeted.

Instrument Characteristics
acquisition  -> Self report
retrospective prospective  -> Retrospective
timeframe  -> Days
location  -> Not applicable
timeseries  -> No
raw aggregated  -> Aggregated
opensource proprietary  -> Open
raw sampling  -> Not applicable
resolution  -> Not applicable
Instrument Estimates
Total physical activity energy expenditure
Sedentary behaviour